City Scholarships
Succeed anywhere with City Scholarships
Victorias City Scholarship
In line with the city’s commitment to be at the forefront of developments related to business and technology, the City Government of Victorias will sponsor the college education of some of its employees and senior high school graduates. Through this, the city would have an upskilled workforce ready to face real-world challenges in this digital world.
Sipalay City Scholarship
Despite being 6 hours away from the capital of Negros Occidental, the City Government of Sipalay is advancing digital-first education for Sipalaynons as they pay for the college education of some of its employees and senior high school graduates to equip them with skills that would empower them to directly contribute to the growth of Sipalay City as a whole.
Scholarship Privilege
The City Scholarships equip deserving students from Victorias City and Sipalay City, Negros Occidental with a full-ride
education in MMDC, with a choice from majors that could eventually pave the way for in-demand careers.
One hundred percent (100%) discount on tuition and miscellaneous fees for the scholars’ entire four-year stay at MMDC.
(Miscellaneous fees and other fees are not covered by the scholarship such as if the grantee acquires a chromebook or laptop.)
Scholarship Eligibility
The City Scholarships are open to:
  • A resident of Victorias and Sipalay City, Negros Occidental province.
  • An incoming college freshman student with a high school report card, or a back-to-school adult.
  • Must be willing to render 1-2 years volunteer work for the City Government.
Scholarship Requirements
  • Proof of City Residency, for example:
    • Barangay Certificate
    • Applicant’s Personal ID
  • Grade 12 or High School Report Card / Form 138 indicating “Eligible to transfer to 1st year college”
  • PSA Birth Certificate
  • Good Moral Character
  • Government Issued IDs of Parents
  • 1.5 X 1.5 ID Photo with White Background
  • MMDC Waiver Forms
The Scholarship Agreement
Once enrolled, scholars are expected to do the following:
  • Maintain a TWA (Term Weighted Average) of 2.50 per term or better, with no failing grade or dropped subject.
  • Maintain a full load per term during his/her studies.
  • Complete all requirements of the study within the period specified.
  • Follow the rules and regulations of MMDC.
  • Refrain from any disciplinary action by the school.
  • Render 1-2 years volunteer work to the City Government.
  • Attend meetings, general assemblies, trainings, and other activities intended for the scholars as required by the Scholarship Program Division.
  • Comply with all obligations stated herein. If he/she fails to do so, appropriate sanctions may be imposed by the City Government.
Scholarship Process

Complete the MMDC Application Journey from filling out the Application Form to the signing of the acceptance letter.

Admissions Advisor to endorse to MMDC Center for Scholarships the applicants who are interested in applying for the City Scholarship.

Applicants must submit the required documents to SUBJECT HEADER: City Scholarship Application, Last name, First name

MMDC Center for Scholarships will then receive an update on the selected successful applicants from the industry partner. MMDC will facilitate the awarding and scholarship confirmation with the applicants.

Applicants are to complete the enrollment process and finalize their enrollment payment plan.