Student Clubs
Need to add color to your digital academic life? We got you covered. Discover and belong to communities with people with the same interests as you!

Be Empowered With Student Clubs

The student clubs allow you to pursue interests and goals while studying. Join or start a club with the support of MMDC. Whether it's for social good, sports, music, arts and crafts, business, or other interests, MMDC can nurture your club's growth by supporting you through activities such as networking, webinars, talks, events, and more, either online or at our Learning Hubs.

Here's a glimpse of what you can expect as a student of MMDC:

  • Be a part of a community as you work together with other students
  • Be empowered to create your own clubs and events
  • Join workshops, competition, events, talent shows and webinars
  • Learn practical skills needed to get the job you want for personal growth, achievement and self-esteem
  • Organize activities and events at the student hub
How to Start a Club:

Define your purpose

Choose your passion or area of interest, and think about the club's purpose and goals.

Coordinate and Register

Coordinate your plans with your Student Affairs Officer, then register your club with MMDC's Admin.

Invite fellow students to join

Invite students to join--and keep your passions burning by planning your activities and assigning roles.


MMDC’s student experience model provides for everything the modern learner needs: socialization, affordability, proximity, credibility and reputation, and a curriculum that’s based on industry needs and wants.

Jenny Chua

Vice President, Marketing and Sales


MMDC advocates for today’s learners, addressing common challenges to focus on a holistic learning journey that is empowering, supportive and engaging; developing social, career and life skills as they socialize, join in, connect, take part, build, create, contribute and thrive in college and onwards.

Rita De Jesus

Director - Student Affairs

Hear from an Abanse Scholar about College Life at MMDC


Being in a digital college could present some challenges, but thanks to our incredibly helpful staff, my time at MMDC has been both manageable and enjoyable. Their advice and the networks I've formed along the way have motivated me to work harder in my studies. Since our college is project-based, receiving input from peers and mentors on how to enhance our work has enabled us to achieve the best results possible.


MMDC Student


Are the programs fully online?

Yes. All degree programs are fully serviced through our digital platforms.

Mapúa Malayan Digital College champions learning through PROJECTS, PROBLEMS, and CASES, or the PPC Method. PPCs empower you to exercise key skills such as application, analytical thinking, critical thinking, and creativity; all traits that employers look for in the most attractive hires.

Gone are the days of your typical online class with long lectures and traditional tests you don’t know how to apply in the real-world. At MMDC, we immerse you in situations and challenges present in the workplace even while you’re still in school.

With MMDC’s Experiential Learning System (XLS), you can do more than just access your modules, grades, and resources. Here, you can schedule meetups at your nearest Learning Hub and collaborate with your fellow students."

Some schools are deploying Hybrid Learning starting this year. Will MMDC's classes stay fully online?

Yes. MMDC classes will always be online. Being digital-first means that Mapúa Malayan Digital College uses the web and technological tools to deliver digital college education. At MMDC, you can get a full college experience as you learn from anywhere.

Do I have a new Computer every year?

You can avail yourself of a Lease-to-Own Computer from MMDC when you enroll as a freshman. While a Pocket Wifi will be a standard-issue device for all new MMDC students.

You will not receive a new Computer and Pocket Wifi every year.