College Life
Step into the world of our digital college and discover how we made the balance of academic excellence and fun accessible for you.
College Life in the Modern World
Easily integrate your work with your life and passions in a digital-first community.
Your Own College Tools
We provide you with your own Computer and pocket WiFi, so you can be ready to make the world your classroom.
Be Career-Ready
Get practical, flexible, experience-based learning with our Degree Programs.
Belong in Communities
Student communities are still the best places to experience college.


MMDC’s student experience model provides for everything the modern learner needs: socialization, affordability, proximity, credibility and reputation, and a curriculum that’s based on industry needs and wants.

Jenny Chua

Vice President, Marketing and Sales


MMDC advocates for today’s learners, addressing common challenges to focus on a holistic learning journey that is empowering, supportive and engaging; developing social, career and life skills as they socialize, join in, connect, take part, build, create, contribute and thrive in college and onwards.

Rita De Jesus

Director - Student Affairs

Hear from an Abanse Scholar about College Life at MMDC


Being in a digital college could present some challenges, but thanks to our incredibly helpful staff, my time at MMDC has been both manageable and enjoyable. Their advice and the networks I've formed along the way have motivated me to work harder in my studies. Since our college is project-based, receiving input from peers and mentors on how to enhance our work has enabled us to achieve the best results possible.


MMDC Student

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