Continuing Education Scholarship
A Scholarship for Working Adults
MMDC Offers Scholarship for Working Adults
For many working adults, there is a desire to continue higher education to pursue their college diploma, obtain a second degree, or upskill for better career opportunities and advancement. To empower working students to acquire future-proof job skills and achieve more through higher education, MMDC offers the MMDC Continuing Education Scholarship Program.
This program is open to qualified employees of MMDC’s industry partners. The scholarship is valid for 45 units to be completed in 2 years.
Scholarship Privilege
One hundred percent (100%) discount on tuition fees only.
(Miscellaneous fees and other fees are not covered by the scholarship such as if the grantee acquires a chromebook or laptop.)
Scholarship Slots
Official MMDC Employer partners shall first nominate five (5) employee scholars according to their own criteria (tenure, performance, or a combination of both). In addition, should the employer partner refer at least 20 applicants other than the five (5) nominees, MMDC will provide one (1) Continuing Education Scholarship slot for every 20 applicants.
Scholarship Requirements
  • Accomplished MMDC Continuing Education Scholarship Application Form
  • Scholarship Letter of Intent
  • Certificate of good moral character or no disciplinary record
  • Certificate of Employment
  • Digital copy of 1.5" x 1.5" I.D Photo
Scholarship Process

Complete the MMDC Application Journey from filling out the Application Form to the signing of the acceptance letter.

Admissions Advisor to endorse to MMDC Center for Scholarships the applicants who are interested in applying for the Continuing Education Scholarship.

Applicants must submit the required documents to SUBJECT HEADER: CE Application, Last name, First name

MMDC Center for Scholarships will then receive an update on the selected successful applicants from the industry partner. MMDC will facilitate the awarding and scholarship confirmation with the applicants.

Applicants are to complete the enrollment process and finalize their enrollment payment plan.

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