Step Up KV

Mapúa Malayan Digital College (MMDC) is the premier digital-first college in the Philippines, with a core focus on business and technology. We designed the college to be relevant, flexible, and accessible to serve the working students from the modern workplace.

Being a digital-first college, our students can learn wherever and whenever it is most conducive to them. Here, we equip our students with the necessary technical and communication skills to become contributors to their organization's growth.

Prioritizing quality and innovative education, MMDC only requires its students to attend 7.5 hours of synchronous online classes per week, with morning, afternoon, and evening classes to accommodate the varying schedules of the working students. The best part? There are no traditional exams. Instead, students learn through projects, problems, and cases, with real world applications.

All these within reach at a very affordable rate. Now, there's a college that allows you to work and get a college degree at the same time.


Step Up in your careers, lives, and finances. Join the Step Up sa Pangarap movement by restarting your college journey.


If you share the same advocacy to support the working student community, partner with us. When you sponsor the movement, you have the unique opportunity to be part of a community that will pave the way for working students to step up.

Your organization will be front and center in shaping the narrative for these students. Each working student that graduates will have a better future ahead and be a valued contributor to nation-building. Together let's create a stronger and more resilient country, with your support.