A Degree in Information Technology

Digital Education, Real-world Experience

Learning at MMDC is as close to learning on-the-job as it gets. Each of our programs provides progressive training and academics unlike any other, testing you with real-world applications, case studies, and collaborative projects.

MMDC’s focus is on a key program: BS Information Technology. The program is progressive, practical, and led by instructional design professionals who have experience in academe and industry.

The IT degree offers specializations divided into two sub-programs - first, the Development-focused Program with specializations in Software Development, and Network and Cybersecurity, and second, the new Business-focused Program with specializations in Data Analytics, Marketing Technology, and Entrepreneurship Technology.

All these majors were designed with input from experts, primarily the Yuchengco Group of Companies and the Ayala Corporation. Important skills that are sought after by leaders in industry are central to MMDC’s curricula and taught to all our students.

BS Information Technology

Development-Focused Program

Graduates from our BSIT program with specializations in Software Development and Cybersecurity will possess deep technical expertise to develop, build, and analyze cutting-edge software solutions. They will be adept at designing robust programs, identifying and fortifying security vulnerabilities, and strategically apprehending cyber threats. Equipped for roles such as software developers, cybersecurity analysts, and system designers, our graduates are prepared to tackle complex coding challenges and innovate in the rapidly evolving tech landscape.

Business-Focused Program

Our BSIT program offers specialized business paths in Data Analytics, Marketing Technology, and Entrepreneurship Technology, focusing on the strategic application and implementation of technology in business and across sectors. Graduates will learn to harness technology for data organization, enhance marketing execution with strategic and tactical tech stacks, and employ essential software-as-a-service (SaaS) tools for entrepreneurial success. They will practice integrating and applying technological solutions using AI generated code, preparing them for roles such as data analysts, marketing technologists, and tech-enabled entrepreneurs.

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MMDC is the Academe I've been waiting for, as it's the perfect opportunity to achieve my academic dreams. Its hands-on Projects, Problems, and Cases (PPC) approach combines theoretical learning with practical application, and their flexibility caters well to my schedule as a working student. So, if you want to excel academically while balancing your work commitments, I highly recommend giving it a try.


BSIT Major in Data Analytics

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Experience a college that truly cares about your education and goals, as Mapúa Malayan Digital College School, a digital-first college specializing in applied Information Technology in Business, goes above and beyond to provide flexible and top-notch learning opportunities for both full-time and working students.

Students Opportunities for Internship & Employment

IT is a degree high in demand by these companies. MMDC students and graduates will be highly considered for internships and employment. Expect more partners soon!

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